Dave Burgess South-West Wedding Photographer

Hello there,

As you may have gathered, my name's Dave. It's actually David, but that's way too official.

I'm a little bit of a creative perfectionist with great attention to detail when it comes to my photography. Thankfully my personality doesn't reflect this as I keep my cool while my brain is thinking about multiple ideas.

I wasn't always a photographer. But I've always had something in my life to keep that creative itch at bay.

I spent ten years in the marines. Prior to that, I had multiple jobs as I didn't have a clue what to do with my life. Probably why I joined the marines in the first place...

I'm humble, yet confident. A relaxed attitude, but observe everything! Massive believer in just being yourself and treating everyone with respect. My business approach... I've mentioned that "I'm a terrible salesman" and that's the way i like to keep it. I focus on my strengths. Photography, being transparent with you and adding that personal touch in my appoarch.

It wasn't actually my idea to follow this career path...

Once upon a time on a border force ship alongside a Greek island called "Lesvos", a fellow bootneck (Marine) saw my work at the time and simply asked why I hadn't thought about transferring over to the Navy as they have a photography specialisation. I hadn't even thought about it. And I still left it a couple of years until I even applied to transfer.

Then the Marines decided to put my intentions on hold due to "manning crisis".

Eventually I got onto an aptitude course. It was very in-depth, went in with none of the knowledge I have today about photography. But I absolutely loved the course. I realised that I was completely addicted to learning and improving in my photography.

I passed the course. But I decided to reject the offer of a placement. The course taught me a lot about myself. My people skills and my work ethic for something I have a real passion for. Was I going to let the MOD destroy that. No way! So, I put my chit in (resignation) which lasts a year...

During my last year in the Marines I was used a lot as a photographer alongside my day job, but under my terms with my own equipment.

Practice makes perfect and I covered a lot of events, portraiture, battlefield operations. You name it and I done it. Which brings us onto weddings. Lads heard about me, and I soon started capturing wedding days. I rapidly made a name for myself with the images I was able to produce by being able to adapt so quickly to the role of "wedding photographer".

South-West Wedding photographer Dave Burgess

You may have already noticed that we offer two photographers for our premium package. Mary always comes along with me for these. She's originally from the Philippines and works as a nurse for the NHS during her day job... Or nights... We have an adorable baby boy called "Leo". Mary has been so supportive with my wedding photography from the beginning and it's wonderful to have a partner like her in my life.

And that's my story. If you've read this far, well done.

Now go check out my photos. That's what counts!

Alternatively, keep scrolling for a nose to see some of the images that made me the photographer I am today.